Posts from August 2023

Posts from August 2023

8-29-23 Bible in a Year Plan

Welcome to our Bible in a Year plan! Here’s how it will work: Pick up or print out a plan Read daily Watch for posts or emails with thoughts to help you through Join in the zoom meetings every 3-4 weeks FAQ: Who can join? ANYONE! How often must I read? Well, ideally daily, but if all you can do is read sporadically, join us anyway. You might learn some things to help you in your reading journey. What translation…

8-22-23 Notes from the Kliros

Greetings, my lovely parish! I spend most of my time with my back turned toward you as I direct the choir during services. Many, many things happen in the kliros…what’s that, you say? Kliros?? The kliros is the area where the singers and readers stand. The word apparently comes from the Greek κλῆρος, meaning “lot”, as the singers of ancient times were chosen by lot. As I was saying…many, many things happen in the kliros. I thought perhaps from time…

Eastern Orthodox Apostolic Succession to the Present

Here is a wonderful PDF produced by our very own Sbdn Peter Learned on Apostolic succession. It shows the Apostolic succession from the Apostle Andrew to the present with your very own parish priest.  🙂 What is important to note is that for historical Apostolic succession to be true, it also needs to have the true Apostolic faith which has been maintained intact in Christ’s Holy Eastern Orthodox Church. Glory to God for all things!