8-29-23 Bible in a Year Plan

8-29-23 Bible in a Year Plan

Welcome to our Bible in a Year plan! Here’s how it will work:
Pick up or print out a plan
Read daily
Watch for posts or emails with thoughts to help you through
Join in the zoom meetings every 3-4 weeks

Who can join?

How often must I read?
Well, ideally daily, but if all you can do is read sporadically, join us anyway. You might learn some things
to help you in your reading journey.

What translation should I use?
I am basing this off the Orthodox Study Bible. While you can technically use any translation, you must
find the additions and apocryphal books not included in the protestant translations. In addition, the
numbering of certain places varies between the Septuagint (Orthodox Study Bible) and the translations
based on the Masoretic text. It will be easier to use the OSB. Confused??? Join the first Zoom meeting to
dispel the confusion.

When is the first Zoom meeting?
8-30-23 Via Google meet at 8pm :

What method are you using to go through the Bible?
I am using a primarily chronological approach to organizing the reading. This is tricky…we don’t know
the exact dates of any of the books! Also, some writers wrote well after the events in their books took
place. And some writers didn’t write in a linear, chronological fashion! I made decisions, for better or
worse, as to what to read in what order. I am quite satisfied with the results and believe strongly that this
year’s plan will benefit anyone who tackles it.

Aren’t we supposed to read the scriptures alongside the patristics?
Yes. However, we need to start somewhere. We are told to read the whole of scripture! How many of us
have made it through the whole canon? Trust me…this is a time tested way of learning about our faith.

What about theology and interpretation?
This is a reading plan. Although we might discuss some finer points along the way, it is not the place to
argue about interpretations, especially as it pertains to sticky points and deep disagreements. We are
reading scripture and taking a decidedly Orthodox approach. If you have questions, by all means write
them down! They are worthy of discussion, and I can help you find a way to get them answered. I just
don’t want to get sidetracked from the essential purpose of this plan.

Ask away!
Kristin Maria
maria.dunnan @ stjohnaz.org
You can also try to catch me at church. I’m pretty busy when there, but I try to be available anyway.
Ok about that last email…it’s new for me and mucking up my computer a bit. My fantastic home based
computer crew says they figured it out. But I haven’t.

Kristin Maria ♪