Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Orthodox Christians who are interested in becoming members of St. John the Evangelist Orthodox Church are encouraged to:

  1. Come to Church.
  2. Meet with the Priest.
  3. Complete and submit a stewardship card & give online.
  4. Get involved in the ministries of the parish.

Come to Church

Visit the parish, how we worship, the feel of the church building, the parishioners. The first step of becoming a member of any church is to build a habit of regular church attendance.

Meet with the Priest

It is a good practice to meet the Priest of a parish when you visit or join, whether or not you intend to go to them for Confession or counsel. It is important for you and your Priest to know each other. This can be done after services and during fellowship meal on Sundays. In addition you can set up an appointment by contacting the church office.

Complete a Stewardship Card & Give Online

Stewardship is an important aspect of the Christian life. Submitting a Stewardship card or pledge to your local parish shows your intention and commitment. Our parish also uses a wonderful online Church Management System called “Realm”, where you can set your pledge and make your giving automatic and easy. Also, according to the regulations of the Orthodox Church in America Archdiocese, a person must have a current stewardship card on file in order to be considered a member in good standing. Members in good standing may be nominated for Parish Council, be a sponsor at a baptism or wedding and vote at parish assemblies. Stewardship cards are available year round in the narthex and also by contacting the church office.

Get Involved

Part of one’s Stewardship commitment is sacrificing time and talents to God through service to the local parish. It is also the way in which meaningful relationships are forged and we receive grace from God for everything we give. There are many opportunities at St. John’s including singing in the choir, serving on parish council, participating on meal team, visiting the elderly, giving rides to other parishioners, creating fliers and other publications, feeding the homeless, teaching Sunday School and much, much more! Please see the Ministries page for a list of current ministries.

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