9-7-16 Weekly Newsletter: St John the Evangelist Orthodox Church

Fr. Andre Paez Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Blessed Feast of The Nativity of our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary!

As we begin the new liturgical year, please make it a priority to come this month to confession and receive God’s gift of healing from this sacred sacrament. If you need to schedule time for confession outside of service times please contact me.


The Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary: The Most Holy Virgin Mary was born at a time when people had reached such a degree of moral decay that it seemed altogether impossible to restore them. People often said that God must come into the world to restore faith and not permit the ruin of mankind.The Son of God chose to take on human nature for the salvation of mankind, and chose as His Mother the All-Pure Virgin Mary, who alone was worthy to give birth to the Source of purity and holiness.The Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary is celebrated by the Church as a day of universal joy. Within the context of the Old and the New Testaments, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary was born on this radiant day, having been chosen before the ages by Divine Providence to bring about the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God. She is revealed as the Mother of the Savior of the World, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn More


As we look forward to hosting Fr. Josiah please watch this deeply edifying and insightful  youtube video on his presentation on Goldy Marriage and Virginity.



1. OUR PATRONAL FEAST OF ST JOHN 9-24-16 to 9-25-16
This year we will celebrate our Patronal Feast Day of St John the Evangelist Saturday 9-24-16 and Sunday 9-25-16. All the area Orthodox faithful and friends are invited to attend Saturday evening’s service which will be followed by a reception. Unfortunately, His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin will not be able to join us but he will be with us 10-8-16 to 10-9-16.More details to follow.

Teri Johnson will be sending out a “sign up genius” list of foods you can contribute for the reception.


2.  All day Saturday Nativity Retreat 11-19-16 presented by Fr. Josiah Trenham, Pastor of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA.

Fr. Josiah will speak on his Series the “Good Husband and the Good Wife: Lectures on the Christian Ideal”. Everyone is welcome and we will be hosting the retreat at our church for all the area faithful. Tentatively,  it will begin at 10am, we will have lunch, then end with Vespers at 5pm. More details to follow. Read more about Fr. Josiah click here.

*Please purchase both series and listen to them prior to his visit. Take notes and write down questions which you can then ask Fr. Josiah when he is here, so that we may go deeper into the subject matter.  Each series is only $10, so a total of $20.
The Good Husband
The Good Wife

3.(Revised DATE) Sunday 9-18-16 St John Town Hall Meeting during Fellowship Meal

We will have our St. John parish life “Third Quarter Update & Review”. Parish Council will update the parish and then we will have an open forum for Q&A and feedback. Please bring all dreams, wishes, concerns, and suggestions for improvements at our St John community to the meeting.  It is important for as many of us as possible to attend.

Additionally, thank you to everyone who has faithfully given to St. John this year! As you financial plan the remainder of the year and prepare your tithe for next year please review the following
PDF  on Orthodox Stewardship presented by Fr. John Dresko.


Wednesday 9-7-16| 6pm Festal Vigil 
Thursday 9-8-16| 9am Hours & Festal Liturgy


2. FEAST EXALTATION OF THE CROSS 9-13-16 to 9-14-16
Tuesday 9-13-16| 6pmFestal Vigil
Wednesday 9-14-16|9am Hours & Festal Liturgy


Tue 9-6-16 | 7 – 8am St John’s Men’s Group Ncounter Cafe 

Weds 9-7-16 | 6-8pm Festal Vigil Nativity of Theotokos

Thurs 9-8-16 | 9am Festal Liturgy Nativity Theotokos

Sat 9-10-16 |5-5:45pm Great Vespers
4:30-5pm Prosphora Baking with Teri Johnson

Sun 9-11-16 | 9-9:30am Hours, 9:30-11:15am Divine Liturgy

Mon 9-12-16 | 6 – 9pm Handmaiden of the Lord Women’s Group will meet at Teri Johnson’s house. Please read chapter 8 of God’s Path to Sanity. Please RSVP to Evite.

Tue 9-13-16 | 7 – 8am St John’s Men’s Group Ncounter Cafe
6-8pm Festal Vigil Exaltation of the Cross

Weds 9-14-16 | 9am Festal LiturgyExaltation of the Cross
6pm Daily  Vespers

Thurs 9-15-16 | 7pm Choir Practice

Sat 9-17-16 |5-5:45pm Great Vespers
3-4:30pm Parish Council
4:30-5pm Prosphora Baking with Teri Johnson

Sun 9-18-16 | 9-9:30am Hours, 9:30-11:15am Divine Liturgy

God Bless,

   Fr. Andre Paez, Rector
St. John the Evangelist Orthodox Church
916 S. 52nd St., Tempe, AZ 85281

Cell: 925-367-9648
E-mail: frandre@stjohnaz.org
Website: www.stjohnaz.org

– Confessions: After Saturday Great Vespers and by Appointment.
– Office Closed Mondays.
– Emergencies: I am on call 24/7