What is Scrip?

What is Scrip?

Scrip is one of St. John’s major fundraisers. Scrip is St. John’s 24/7, 365 days of the year fundraiser, simply done by managing your everyday purchases through our various fundraising programs. Our goal is to get 100% participation from our church families. The programs cost you nothing to participate and have a tremendous impact on our church. Our programs are not limited to our church families; you may enlist extended family, neighbors and friends and have rebates they generated credited to your account with some of our programs.  Scrip is another word for gift cards.  These cards can be used for your everyday shopping needs, as well as gifts.

Why use SCRIP?


Scrip is a “Win Win” program.  The idea is to purchase Scrip for your everyday needs, like groceries, gas, clothing, entertainment.  So, when you purchase Scrip for your everyday needs, your raising funds for St. John’s and help to grow our church and ministries.
St. John purchases the store gift cards at a discount from a national Scrip company and local retailers. These discount percentages are indicated on the order form. Example: purchase a $100 Safeway card that has a 4% discount and the earned profit would be $4.

Fry’s Shoppers – go to www.FrysCommunityRewards.com and create an account and sign up your VIP card to earn towards your scrip goal.  Use our church code (ask greeters to provide you with code).   

Safeway Shoppers – If you shop at Safeway or have family and friends that do, go online to www.eScrip.com and sign up your friends and family Safeway Club Card.  Sign up your Club Card number undergroup ID #(CODE COMING SOON).  If you do not have your Safeway Club Card number, call 1-877-723-3929 and they can look up the number for you.  Remember to still purchase your Safeway Scrip cards from the school

Bashas’ (AJ’s and Food City )Shoppers –   These Scrip cards can be reloaded at the store, so you only have to buy the one card from Scrip, and then reload at the store.  This can be done right before they start scanning your groceries, or at customer service, for any amount.  We get a monthly report that lets us know how much you have earned!

Want to order online and print out Scrip cards at home?    Go to www.Shopwithscrip.com and sign up under our school code (CODE COMING SOON).  You will be able to sign up for Presto Pay and see all the options for cards, order on line and print cards at home.  They even have reloadable cards.

Another tip – Look at the order form for the cards that earn a higher percentage.  Example: In N Out 20%, Black Angus 12%, Boston Market 12%, Chipotle 10 %, Gap/Old Navy 14% and Zoyo’s 20%.  There are many, many more!!