Past Special Events (Page 23)

Past Special Events (Page 23)

Jan 20, 2019

1-20-19: St. John Annual Meeting

Calling all faithful to participate in our wonderful annual meeting held on  1-20-19!  The meeting will take place after liturgy during fellowship meal. 🙂
Jan 19, 2019

1-19-19: Handmaidens of the Lord gathering

Let’s continue celebrate the New Year by reviving a tradition dating back to the 17th Century! Please join the Handmaidens of the Lord of St John’s for an old time “Kaffeeklatsch” i.e. a lovely afternoon of coffee, a variety of specialty Central European pastries, refined entertainment and, of course, conversation and fellowship! Bring your favorite coffee cup, one that has special significance to you. *RSVP through the Evite website by January 2, 2019 or telephone Sabrina Messenger at (480) 465-9872.…
Jan 6, 2019

Festal Liturgy Theophany & Blessing Tempe Town Lake

Come celebrate the Feast of Theophany! Saturday, 1/5 Festal Vigil & Indoor Blessing, 5pm Sunday, 1/6 Baptism, 9:00am Festal Theophany Liturgy, 10am ( at St. John) Blessing of Tempe Town Lake, 12:30 pm (at Tempe Beach Park, 80 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281)
Jan 5, 2019

Festal Vigil Theophany

Come celebrate the Feast of Theophany! Saturday, 1/5 Festal Vigil & Indoor Blessing, 5pm Sunday, 1/6 Baptism, 9:00am Festal Theophany Liturgy, 10am Blessing of Tempe Town Lake, 12:30 pm
Dec 27, 2018

12-27-18: Feed My Starving Children

Thank you to our parishioners who helped pack over 13,000 boxes of food for starving children in the Philippines at Feed My Starving Children! Somehow Vinnie and Linsey King and Elaine Dafnis didn’t make it in the photo. Dave Wilson is taking the picture 😄
Dec 23 – 25, 2018

Feast Of Nativity: Schedule of Divine Services

Join us for the festal divine services of the greatest miracle to ever take place, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh! Sunday 12-23-18 Royal Hours, 5-6pm Monday 12-24-18 Festal Vespers w/ Liturgy St. Basil the Great, 9-11am Festal Vigil Nativity, 5-7pm Tuesday 12-25-18 Festal Liturgy Nativity, 9-11am
Dec 8, 2018

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church “All Saints Camp” Fundraiser Golf Invitational

Second Annual All Saints Camp Golf Invitational To help support our Orthodox summer camp ministry, Assumption Church will be hosting the Second Annual ASC Invitational at Starfire Golf Club, Saturday, December 8! Check-in is at 7 am, and the Shot-Gun Scramble will start at 8 am. Registration is $125 before December 1, or $150 after the date. A luncheon and raffle is included at 1 pm (to attend the luncheon and raffle only, the cost is $25). Sponsor opportunities are…
Dec 2, 2018

St. Nicholas Visits with Children after Liturgy 12-2-18

St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker of Myra and Lycia’s feast day is on December 6th, and to celebrate he will be visiting with the children of St. John’s after Liturgy on Sunday 12-2-18. Once the children have eaten during Agape Meal they will then welcome St. Nicholas by singing him songs. St. Nicholas will read the children a story about his life and give them gifts and treats.  In honor of St. Nicholas’s visit we are asking that all families bring…