Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much….
James 5:16

In the Orthodox tradition, St. John’s  offers prayers for both the living and those that have fallen asleep. It is Father Andre Paez’s joy, as St. John’s Parish Priest, to offer prayers to the All Holy Trinity on your behalf. Please submit you prayer request below and Father Andre looks forward to speaking with you and praying for you.

Prayer for the Living

A molieben is an intercessory prayer service for a specific intention (healing, wisdom, reconciliation, marriage, raising children, guidance, overcoming challenges, employment, safety, general wellbeing, etc.). Use the form below to submit names..

Prayer for the Departed

Prayer for the souls of the departed is an essential element of Orthodox Church tradition and service.

The panikhida is the traditional memorial service for the souls of departed Orthodox loved ones.  It may be offered  at any time after physical death but is  most often offered at the time of passing as well as the 3rd, 9th, and 40th days after passing and  the  yearly anniversary of the date.

Please Note:   Panikhida services are only offered once on the third Saturday of the month, before Great Vespers,  at 4:50pm for Orthodox who reposed in that month.