Upcoming Special Events (Page 2)

Upcoming Special Events (Page 2)

Feb 22, 2019

2-22-19 Fr. John Behr Presents: John the Theologian and his Paschal Gospel

Come participate and learn from one of the greatest Orthodox Theologians of the 21st century, Fr. John’s Behr. He will be speaking about his upcoming new book: John the Theologian and his Paschal Gospel. A Prologue to Theology. This event will also simultaneously be live streamed to a global audience. Fr. John Behr’s new work brings three different kinds of readers of the Gospel of John together with the theological goal of understanding what is meant by Incarnation and how…
Mar 23, 2019

3-23-19: One Day. One Hymn. One Church

Fr. Michael Pallad invites all singers to attend the next Pan-Orthodox choral event that is taking place on Saturday, March 23rd at Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Phoenix. See the flyer below and click links to register and learn more. www.occfellowship.org www.facebook.com/occfellowship